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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Placebo AV - The Ultimate Solution

From the well known security icon DOXdesk, we are told

Today's AV is a dead loss. But you can't simply not install any, or everyone will complain. That's where PlaceboAV comes in! It's the fantasic anti-virus solution that's super-fast and absolutely reliable... because it does nothing at all.

A detailed evaluation by a DSLReports Anonymous Poster boasts
PlaceboAV from 419 Software Development, the Nigerian anti-malware experts, is absolute magic!

I'm beta testing the soon-to-be-released ProPlus version which has anti-virus anti-rootkit, anti-spam, anti-popup, anti-adware and antiphlogistine in one small (only 22kb) package.

I had Norton, Kaspersky, NOD32, Trend, McAfee and Avira running on my PC and they all told me I had Vundo, Zlob, Mist, Badtrans, and several serious rootkit infections.

When I uninstalled them all and installed PlaceboAV ProPlus it gave my PC a clean bill of health on the first run. How's that for disinfection efficiency?

PlaceboAV never needs updates, and it won't slow down your PC because it uses no CPU resources.

The good news is that the 5 years ProPlus license will be free! (419 Software requires a notarized copy of your birth certificate and your credit card details and bank account password for identification purposes only.)

Best of all, if you join the beta team you get a bonus of 100,000 shares in the company for only $10,000.

My friends and business associates keep telling me I'm sending them infected emails, but they're still using the same old crappy AVs I got rid of, so what would they know?

Better get yours, folks, before the introductory price expires, and they go to 6 month subscriptions.

But, if you actually install it, heed this warning from DOXdesk.
DOXdesk is not responsible for any viruses you get whilst using PlaceboAV under the impression it is actually doing something. Well, we probably are responsible, but we're not going to do anything about it and you'll not get a penny out of us. Go away now.

And, if you're humour impaired, note the Wikipedia definition of placebo.
A placebo is a substance or procedure which a patient accepts as a medicine or therapy but which has no specific therapeutic activity for the condition. Any effect is thought to be based on the power of suggestion.

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