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Monday, August 21, 2006

Pizza Order Credit Card Scam

OK, tonite you want a pizza for dinner. So you call your local pizza restaurant, and have one delivered.

But there's a problem. They don't accept cash payments anymore - it's pay by credit card only.

Right now is when you should smell a rat. But you're hungry, and you want to smell pizza. So you give them the number, they take your order, and you hang up.

Your pizza never comes, and your credit card is now being used in a major shopping spree by the guy who just took your order. And he's not a pizza call center employee.

The bad guys convinced AT&T to route calls, intended for the pizza shop, to their phone number.

Hello, Big Cheese Pizza. How can I rip you off today?

The police know about this in Southern California, but it's possible that it's going on elsewhere. You don't really know.

What's the story here? >>> AT&T Service Reps must be really gullible.

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lastAutumn said...

Credit card scammers has become so inventive, just like spammers.